Train Track

An app to track your train journeys.


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Get the app for your Android phone or tablet.


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Hello Apple developers out there! Come and help build the iOS version so all you iWhats-its can play too.


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And those who like the good old fasion web can also enjoy viewing stuff straight from this website.

Train Information. Real-Time and Clear.

Station departure and arrival boards presented in a way that you can see what's going on where. If there is a disruption, we tell you why.



Refund Alert. Save money on trains that were delayed/cancelled.

Through the delay repay scheme, we help you to make sure you are not loosing out. We notify you when you're delayed and are able to apply for a refund.

Maps and Recommendations. Find your nearest station.

Use the power of your GPS enabled devices to assit in getting to the station on time. We let you know if there is a better way to the station.


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